June 15, 2013 Speaker

June 15, 2013                           Brenda Wastasecoot



Brenda Isabel Wastasecoot

Cree (Churchill)

(1963- )

Brenda Wastasecoot has lived in Brandon longer than her home town of Churchill, where she was the sixteenth child born to Maria and Harold Wastasecoot.  She grew up down the flats just outside of Churchill, MB and was the only child in her family who did not attend Residential School.  She was first published in Voice of the drum:  Indigenous education and culture   (pp 121-138).  Culturally appropriate healing and Counselling: One woman’s path toward healing.  In R. Neil (Ed.), Brandon, MB: King Fisher Publications.

Her children’s book Granny’s Giant Bannock (Pemmican Publications, 2008)

From a collection of unpublished poems she has written since her teenage years and has only read when invited by community organizations, she managed to give up her one story “Granny’s Giant Bannock” with the encouragement of her daughter’s Grade four teacher;  based on her childhood memories of herself and her mother. 

Her PhD in the Adult Education & Community Development program at OISE, University of Toronto will explore family and community impacts of Residential School.  Her career in counselling began with Aboriginal communities seeking culturally inclusive healing strategies.   The focus of her research is rooted in and informed by her extensive experience in Aboriginal community and teaching background in the First Nations & Aboriginal Counselling Degree program for nine years.     


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