July 20, 2013 Breakfast Meeting


July 20, 2013                             Members Readings







 The program for the July meeting will be the always-popular Readings by Members of WEN. We would love to hear you read your work!

Please note these requirements:

1. Who qualifies: You must be a Member in good standing as of the meeting date (July 20th, 2013), and the entry must have been written by you.

2. What can be entered: Poems and short prose, fiction or non-fiction, complete or excerpts, are welcome. (One entry per member; at our discretion, we may accept two short poems as one entry.)

3. Duration: You must be able to read the entry aloud in front of an audience in five minutes or less. That includes, of course, any of your introductory notes or explanations. Please read it at home aloud, with all the necessary pauses and emphasis, and time it — the minutes go by more quickly than you might think!

You are not obliged to fill the five minutes — often a shorter piece is more effective, while a longer one will have people clock-watching and not paying attention to your creation.

Readers who run over their time are taking unfair advantage of those who comply. They also alienate their audience and give the organizers heartburn! To be fair to everyone, we will use a stopwatch — readers should expect to be warned at five minutes, and to be cut off shortly thereafter, whether they are finished or not.

Exceeding the time limit has been more of a problem than anything else in the entire history of the Member Readings program. It has also been the most common source of complaints from audience members (and usually the only one).

4. How to submit: We need to review the readings ahead of time so we can organize a varied and interesting program. Please e-mail your submission (MS-Word attachment, .doc or .docx) to jfambury.shire@yahoo.ca. Include “Member Readings” in the subject line. If you don’t have ready access to e-mail, hard-copy submissions will be accepted at the May 18th meeting only.

5. Submission window: Submissions will be accepted beginning at 12:01 a.m. on the day of the May Meeting: May 18th. To give everyone an equal chance, any submission made before then will not be considered.

There is no calendar deadline: submissions will be accepted in the order in which they are received, only until the program is full. That usually happens within a week or so of the opening — so do get your submission in soon!

(If you have an entry that needs only a quick final edit before submission, please let me know; but in general, to be fair to everyone, we can NOT “save a place” for anyone.)

6. And finally: See No. 3!

With best wishes for a fine summer,

John Ambury

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