The Secret Life of Roberta Greaves

The Secret Life of Roberta Greaves

by Ann Birch

 A Review

With delicious wit and irony, Ann Birch tells the story of Roberta Greaves, a professor of classic literature at Trinity College. Roberta compromises her moral principles and her professional integrity in order to raise money to cover her dead husband’s debts.

No, she doesn’t deal drugs or sleep with the Dean. She writes a sleazy, steamy novel—a work of pure crap. She gets the idea from a story of lust and incest told in classical literature by Ovid, the Roman poet.  Myrrha of Ovid’s tale becomes Mira, the heroine of Roberta’s pulp. It sells, big time.

Her success has serious negative repercussions, and Roberta deeply regrets what she has done, even though the project achieves its purpose.  She must hide her connection to Mira from her family and colleagues. She is in danger of losing everything she loves if she is found out and if she isn’t.

Supported by those who love her, Roberta makes her way through the mess of deceit and loss to a place where she sees a way to redeem herself.  The book has a spectacularly happy ending. Enjoy.

by Isobel Raven