October 4, 2015 Ben Antao Announces New Book of Poems

Love Triangle cover

Ben Antao has released a new book of poems titled Love Triangle.

A weekend passion of lust between a lesbian and a heterosexual married man leads to untold grief in this modern story of love triangle narrated in verse by Ben Antao, the prolific author of novels, short stories, travelogues and memoirs.
Love Triangle is composed in terza rima, the three-line, ten-syllable poetic form of interlocking rhymes that Dante employed in his Divine Comedy.
The 160 Sonnets surpassing the 154 of Shakespeare’s dwell on the themes of art and artists, persons, places and things that Antao encountered during his travels in Canada, France, Goa, Italy and the United States.
The book is priced at $25, bu tBen  will offer it for $20 for WEN members.