July 18th, 2015 Joseph Smerdelj Short Story Contest Winners Announced

barbnobelAt the July 18, 2015 Breakfast Meeting, Jasmine Jackman announced the winners of the  Joseph Smerdelj Short Story Contest winners.

First Place:   Barb Nobel

Second Place:   Reva Stern

Third Place:   Didi Lemay

Honourable Mentions:   Ann Birch, Alan Joe, Braz Menezes


FIRST: The Paper Mache Project: this is a simple yet touching story with a strong consistent voice about an older woman in grief and how she copes with it in her way—very interesting. It is original, elegantly written in simple conversational language in keeping with the character’s voice. The story unfolds deliciously, the reader follows the building tension, and it resolves well.

SECOND: Pink Sky: this is also a good story carried through a strong theme of colour and its symbolism that links events as they unfold. The story encapsulates a child’s evolution and understanding toward an adult quite well.

THIRD: Mother and Daughter: a Journey Together: this is a touching story of a mother’s passionate devotion whose strong theme is carried through good plot toward a strong resolution/end. Told in a memoir-style voice (which works for the most part).


• Language of Hands
• Death of a Beloved Bandit
• Bert