January 19, 2013 Speaker

January 19, 2013                     Joseph Frankel

Joe Frankel has worked as a screenwriter and commercial director  in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles.  He has also worked as a story editor, developing screenplays for a diverse array of companies including: Universal Studios (working for director Gary Ross), The Mark Gordon Company (Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds), Stefanie Epstein Productions and The Characters Agency. Somewhere in a filing drawer he has two film degrees including an MFA in screenwriting from the University of Southern California, where he moderated the Zaki Gordon Speaker Series, hosting live interviews with acclaimed filmmakers such as: Gus Van Sant, Nancy Meyers, Robert Towne and Werner Herzog.

Joe currently works as a freelance producer, servicing a wide array of business clients, including authors and publishers.  His dual passion for books and films led him to develop an innovative new production model to promote books and authors using film and video.  Joe’s recent clients include best-selling Canadian mystery writer, Robert Rotenberg and two-time Arthur Ellis Award winner, Jon Redfern.  Although publishers have already begun to produce book trailers, Joe’s approach is unique and idiosyncratic. The stories dictate the approach and the results are uniquely cinematic.

Torontonian, graduate of L.A.U.in writing and directing,  who is working on a way to promote writers.


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