Breakfast Meeting September 17

travis_belangerTravis Belanger is the founder and owner of MKTG 101, a budgeted marketing solutions firm for individuals and smaller businesses. After graduating from high school with his first business, and the valedictorian, director, and entrepreneurship awards; he enrolled in the Business Administration program at Brock University. His university career culminated in numerous, invaluable marketing experiences. In his third year, he planned a strategic partnership that resulted in him being placed in charge of a major marketing initiative for a week-long conference in Las Vegas. As graduation approached Travis saw the societal gap in the employment of new, talented graduates. He saw creative, hard-working students who would graduate and be unable to secure meaningful employment. Travis created MKTG 101 with the intention of building the experience of these talented students so they would be able to excel in the workforce after graduation. On the opposite side, individuals and businesses without a large marketing budget are provided an affordable option. Since the inception of MKTG 101, Travis has been involved in every project taken. His experience with finding cost effective solutions for any project has helped numerous clients in a range of industries including: bridal, construction, music, energy, education, events, and literary.