Breakfast Speaker March 17, 2018

Retired Councillor Howard Moscoe is releasing his memoirs this fall. Call Me Pisher – A Madcap Romp Through City Hall will be released this October from Yorkland Publishing. Howard Moscoe has been threatening to do something like this for years, since before he retired from a 32-year career in municipal politics back in 2010.  And this October, the former councillor for Eglinton-Lawrence is making good. Moscoe, who former mayor Mel Lastman once described as “the best excuse for birth control I know,” is publishing his memoirs. “It is a madcap romp through city hall,” said Moscoe on a visit to the Toronto City Hall press gallery Aug. 22. “I had a lot of bizarre things happen in politics. I have four chapters I call the ‘Bizarre of the Bizarre’ — just bizarre incidents that occurred. But bizarre incidents occurred through my whole run at city hall.” Call Me Pisher: A Madcap Romp Through City Hall has an opening line that Moscoe promises sets the tone for the rest: “My grandfather was a horse thief, my grandmother a bootlegger, my father a bookmaker and my brother a scalper; so there was nothing left for me but politics.”