Breakfast Meeting September 18, 2021

Darlene Madott will be our guest speaker who will present her latest novel, “Dying Times”.

DYING TIMES is the story of a successful though conflicted lady litigator who is confronted by irrevocable death, told at breakneck speed with a dark undercurrent of humour. It is all around her. It is her loving, wise mother who, by dying, triggers open hatred within the family. It is her greedy, irascible but brilliant senior partner at a big downtown law firm who, while determined to control everything, even his own death, discovers generosity. It is the last client the senior partner and lady litigator will share, a man in wheelchair who is appalling in his need to wreak ruin on his wife in a monumentally lucrative divorce case. With all these characters bound for glory, every hard core emotion comes into play, love on the verge of abuse and hatred, loyalty on the verge of betrayal, visceral energy on the verge of exhaustion, a story told by a driven woman in a direct prose that blows the lid off everything. DYING TIMES is a story about several deaths that succeeds in becoming a meditation on dying and a meaningful approach to living.Dying Times frames an important conversation. We die as individually as we have lived. Far from sombre, it is told with a visceral, wry wit and transcendent tenderness. It is surprisingly lively, in the end.