Breakfast Meeting September 16, 2017

Marnie Grundman is the author of MISSING: A True Story of a Childhood Lost. Marnie has been featured on major Television and radio shows such as Breakfast Television, Young Justice with Zach Rhoads, Wise Women Canada, CJAD, Experience 50, Lifeology with James Miller and the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse. A child who belonged to no one, missing at the tender age of 13, she experienced the worst of humanity firsthand. However, she didn’t just make it through; she rose above the darkness, becoming a beacon of light, of empowerment, for others to do the same.

What began as a story of healing led to one of triumph, of the power of the human spirit, of one woman’s surthrival against all odds. Marnie has since become an advocate for the missing, working to change the perception of runaway children so they might finally get the help they desperately need. Her compelling book, engaging talks, and insightful articles have become a shining light to the lost and the struggling. Marnie guides and teaches how not to live their damage, how to heal and overcome, how to rise up and reclaim a life of happiness.

Her typical audiences are Adult Survivors of Abuse/Trauma, Social Workers, Child Advocates, Homeless Youth Organizations and Advocates, Recovering Runaways, Families of Missing and Runaway Children, Missing Children Organizations, Educators, and those who are looking for ways to help recovering runaways.

SPECIALTIES: Understanding the impact of child abuse: emotional, physical and sexual. How to heal from trauma and child abuse. Runaways/homeless youth: What they face, why they run, and how to serve them when they return.