Breakfast Meeting March 16, 2019

Raised by Nancy Drew and Miss Marple, Sherry C Isaac maintains her love of mystery. Sherry’s novels have earned several women’s fiction accolades and her short, The Forgetting, took the Alice Munro Award in 2009. Upon graduating from Toronto Film School’s screenwriting program, Sherry directed her talents to the world of short film and her first film, Skin Deep, was nominated for best screenplay. As a novelist, screenwriter, and director, she focuses her lens on strong female protagonists on the brink of discovering their courage, identity, and strength.

Presentation Description & Objectives: 
Through the eyes of a writer turned filmmaker, Smarter, Stronger Storyteller© shows authors how to translate filmmaking techniques to the written page and use those tricks of the Hollywood trade to empower point-of-view and immerse the reader in every scene from set up to cliffhanger. 
Participants will learn: 

  • new ways to establish setting, convey critical information, and add dimension to their story by setting up each scene like a filmmaker 
  • how to adapt skills they already possess to create scenes with more depth, meaning and impact
  • adapt point of view to enhance character, suspense, and more.