Breakfast Meeting June 17, 2017

Bertram Ellis and his wife, Karen, emigrated to Canada in 1957.

He joined the de Havilland aircraft of Canada company, engineering department and retired in 1990 as the manager of Aero Services. 

He was a pilot until he lost his licence due to deteriorating vision.

He has travelled the world, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East, and South America. Among his adventures, he has been lost in the Sudanese desert south of Omdurman, blown up, shot at, and fished the mighty Zambezi and been on safaris, day and night.

During his travels he never lost his belief in the essential goodness of people.

After he retired he started writing and presenting seminars on memoir writing.

He has presented seminars on memoir writing for 25 years in the USA and Canada. He wrote a book, ‘A century of memories’ which was published by a seniors magazine. A ten article series on the subject was published by several senior magazines and newspapers in America.

The Florida newspaper that published the series in a weekly column, received requests  for the complete set from places as far away as Australia. Visitors had read one or two articles while on holiday in Florida and wanted to read the complete set. 

Bert has written novels, short stories and articles on various topics. His novel ‘The GINA Mirage’ ( German intelligence north Afrika) is partly based on his two years in the Egyptian desert while serving in the RAF just after WWII.