Breakfast Meeting January 21, 2017

ashsilvaAsh Silva, speaker and author is the Director of Business Development at Next Century Publishing. Ash has been the driving force, guide and mentor to many authors bringing their stories to life. His vast knowledge of the publishing and printing industry paired with his first hand experience as an author paves the way for authors to create everything from your book to an author’s empire. Whether it’s your new book, a reprint of your existing works or marketing materials, Ash’s creative talent and eye for detail can help meet the spectrum of all your printing needs.

Over the past 20 years, he has become best known, as “The Connector” through his gift in teaching and sharing the power of connection, Ash has magnanimously made thousands of connections leading others to experience results from lucrative business contracts to extreme personal transformation and growth. Ash has taken his years of experience and knowledge to create and build training programs in Social Media, Online Marketing and his very latest, “Connection-Power“.