Breakfast Meeting April 15, 2017

Ronnie Swais is a Marketing, Media and Sponsorship Expert. She has successfully produced multiple media platforms over the last 10 years, gaining a collective audience of over 15 million readers, viewers, site visitors and event attendees during that time. She has negotiated and generated 10’s of  $1000’s of dollars in Sponsorship and advertising revenue  for her Books, Websites, Events, iTV Show, Radio Show and Print Magazines. For the last 2 years she has been speaking about the changes in Social Media, the rise of Influencers and the power of creating your own audience. She is particularly passionate about Authors, Bloggers, and Speakers learning about how to partner with Corporations to generate Sponsor Dollars. Sponsor Dollars can finance the production and printing of their books, marketing material, and even to hire PR representation to gain Speaking gigs, TV and Radio Guest spots!