April 20, 2013 Speaker

Carl _smallApril 20, 2013                            Carl Liberman

Mr. Liberman began his career as an actor, mainly for radio and television at the age of 11.  At the age of 14 he was offered the lead in a film to be shot in Greece, his parents opted to keep him in school, and that gave him something to write about.  An honours graduate of York University’s Fine Arts program in theatre, Carl later went on to write and co-produce several plays during the 80’s cabaret scene in Toronto. Just prior to becoming Canada’s newest and most sought after literary agent, Liberman rehearsed by working in the advertising biz for ten years as a successful new business executive.

Since founding the literary department at The Characters Talent Agency, the largest in Canada, he has overseen its growth from zero billings to over $20 Million nationally, trained three agents, and is heavily involved in its newest arm, the packaging division.  In addition to screenwriters, Carl also represents top directors, producers, A-list cinematographers and internationally renowned production designers and film editors.

Mr. Liberman has set a personal goal of becoming the first Canadian agent to bill $15 million. “We’re open for business and were very merit driven. In other words, if something is good, and presses all the right buttons we’ll sell it, no matter who wrote it.  This business is all about relationships and in my humble opinion we have the best!”


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