Alan Joe Releases his first book “Of Ox and Unicorn”

Alan Joe has just released his first book titled Of Ox and Unicorn. It is presently being sold on Amazon in paperback and kindle format. You can also pick up a copy from Alan Joe directly at WEN breakfast meetings. Here is the description from Amazon.

“Alan Joe has crafted a gripping and heart-wrenching page-turner about his perilous childhood in China, a teenager’s angst as a newcomer in Toronto’s postwar Chinatown, and fulfillment as a professional and family man. Recommended for anyone whose roots are from afar – and that would be most of us.”
~ Arlene Chan, librarian and author

“Alan Joe tells the deeply moving and inspirational story of how, after surviving extreme poverty and the ravages of war in his boyhood years of the 1940s, he emigrated to Canada, and eventually found peace, hope, reconciliation, self-fulfillment, and opportunity. In the process, he helps us better understand the history of the Chinese community in Canada, and how significantly it has contributed to our culture and way of life. We need many more such stories.”
~ Philip Warren, PhD, former Professor at Memorial University,
who has written extensively about Newfoundland education

“Of Ox and Unicorn is a contribution, not only to the Canadian Chinese community, but also to immigrants in other countries and of different faiths, and to the general reader. It is with great pleasure that I invite you to read this excellent autobiography.”
~ excerpt the Foreword by Muriel Gold, CM, PhD,
Author, Tell Me Why Nights are Lonesome (a family history) and six additional books.

Born in Canton, China, in 1937, Alan Joe experienced some of the worst of the Japanese occupation of his homeland and the uncertainly caused by advancing Communist forces after World War II. Settling in Toronto in 1950, he faced many of the challenges that immigrants must overcome, finally graduating as a dentist, with a specialty in orthodontics. Now retired, Alan lives with his wife in Toronto and St. Petersburg, Florida.