August 31, 2018 Anubha Mehta Launches Her First Novel

New WEN member Anubha Mehta is launching her debut novel titled Peacock in the Snow  September 28, 2018.

Peacock in the Snow transcends the boundaries of time and country to give a fresh perspective on patriarchy, migration and courage  Anubha Mehta is set to release her new publication – Peacock in the Snow – on SEPTEMBER 28 at Ben McNally Books ( 366 Bay Street, Toronto) at 6 pm.

Peacock in the Snow a genre-bending thriller about the power of love, sacrifice and the tireless capacity of people to hope, strive and succeed despite impossible circumstances. This is a story of shy and naïve Maya and how her perfect life with her new husband Veer is thrown into complete disarray when she accidentally stumbles on an ancient family secret. What begins as unwelcome behaviour by Veer’s family soon turns into something sinister. Trapped within the dark walls of her married mansion, the secret begins to haunt Maya and draw a wedge with Veer. To escape the malicious spirits lingering in the house, Maya and Veer migrate to a distant land and start rebuilding their life amongst adventure and hardship. Not knowing that the ghosts of their past have followed them, in a race against time, Maya is put to a final test. Armed with conviction and courage, she sets out to face the dark forces that lie await.
Will Maya ever be free of a dark past? Will she be able to survive so far away from home? Will her marriage stand the test of time, displacement, and hardship in a new country? “Peacock in the Snow is a story of belief, vengeance, and forgiveness,” says Anubha. “It is a story of optimism rooted in the imperfections of life. Maya’s hope makes her resilient and her courage leads to her redemption. The only way to overcome past wrongs is to face them, to conquer our fears and confront our inner demons”
“This book talks about those sides of issues and isms, that fall within the shadows and silences of the noise- those aspects that are not often talked about. In Patriarchy’s forceful dominance – often women get indoctrinated as its gatekeepers and vulnerable men surrender their personal lives, dreams or love in a show of allegiance to this system.
“Across the globe, these issues and isms don’t change, nor are they contained within geographic boundaries. They mutate with different cultures and colours and are manifest in a diversity of context, circumstance, and behaviours according to the tolerance and norms of the place,” adds Anubha.
“Set in both East and West, Peacock in the snow, is a journey across continents, cultures and generations. It bring to life the possibilities of myth and magic that exist on the fringes of reality.”
“I am truly humbled by all the love and support that I’ve received. I hope I am able to hold everyone’s attention in the future too with my story-telling.”

PEACOCK IN THE SNOW will be available in bookstores across North America on September 25, 2018 and is currently available for pre-order online at :  Inanna Publications;  Amazon :  Watch the Book Trailer Here: “This is a thrilling page-turner that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It combines several themes commonly found in Canadian literature woven together in an arresting story. The foreground story is the conflict faced by immigrants facing a new land and a different culture … This is a highly entertaining novel that also says much about contemporary Canadian society.” — David Siegel, professor of political science, Brock University, Canada “This book is like cinematic story-telling. As a filmmaker, I am drawn to the scenic imagery that is evoked in both India and North America…. The story had the capacity of a rare connectedness – of pulling the weight of small details, incidences and characters from the past, to the present to the future. .”

ABOUT ANUBHA MEHTA: With a doctorate in Political Science and over two decades of Canadian public service experience, Anubha’s writing has been widely published in Canada and abroad. Anubha led a singular portfolio of The Diversity Officer at the Regional Government of Peel for more than half a decade ( 2005- 2012) and has been awarded and acclaimed for innovative program planning, education as well as working with diverse Canadian communities. Anubha has always balanced academics and public service with art and has been a classical dancer, theatre-actor, painter and poet. Born in India and travelled extensively across the globe, Anubha’s narrative is influenced by insatiable curiosity, imagination, and spontaneity, reflecting reality in East and West. Anubha’s Personal Stories and Articles are drawn from her ancestors, childhood, her daily life and capture the spirit of epochs lived through turbulent and peaceful time. Anubha’s immensely popular blog Tell – Tale invites tales of natives and immigrants, from past and present, from lonely corners and loud hubs to share their stories and their messages. Anubha published her first non-fictional book, The Politics of Nation Building and Art Patronage in 2012.